Tan $155

Non-Refundable (To book tan/goes towards tan) $25

Optional  Skin Prep Spray (To help reduce the chance of turning green) $10

Includes Body Glaze & Bikini Bite

One Color - One Solution - For All Categories / Divisions



Pre-tan prep for Competitors: Very important to do.....

  1. It is best to start exfoliating every day starting on Monday two weeks before your show up till Friday.

  2. Gently exfoliate thoroughly using a loofah sponge or loofah mitt. You can use Baking Soda mixed with water to make a paste to exfoliate.

  3. Rinse off thoroughly. Moisturize afterwards using a lotion that does not contain mineral oils. Aveeno, Jergens original is best.

  4. Waxing must be done 5 days before your tanning session, shaving 1 day before. It is best to shave using hair conditioner. Using a hair remover like Nair is not good.

  5. On Friday morning, exfoliate thoroughly and rinse off thoroughly. If you are washing your hair, make sure to dry it completely. Be free of lotion, deodorant, makeup, perfume on the day of your tanning session.

  6. Must wear loose clothing for after your tan session. No jeans, tight clothing of any kind or with straps, tube tops. Loose, dark long sleeve t-shirt, loose, dark long pants and flip flops are best.

  7. Do not sleep in red sheets, as it can tan to turn green.

***** Do not lay out in the sun or use tanning beds!****

This causes peeling of the skin and affects the tan.

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One Color ~ One Solution ~ For All Categories / Divisions